Product Design Consultant

April 2024 – present

Partnering with teams to design, prototype, and build various ideas

Cash App

Staff Product Designer  October 2022 – March 2024

Created a web platform to increase access to financial services


Staff Product Designer  April 2020 – October 2022

Designed products to expand access to economic opportunity


Product Design Technologist  December 2018 – April 2020

Focused on designing for people who are experiencing barriers to employment

Code for America

Lead Product Designer  April 2018 – December 2018

Developed products and strategies to improve delivery of America's public workforce services

Open Dream

Co-Founder  September 2017 – November 2017

Prototyped and tested ways to increase access to economic opportunities in America, including a service to help parents create babysitting co-ops to reduce child care costs, models for running a business from your home or vehicle, and mechanisms to enable remote work opportunities for people with physical barriers to employment


Lead Product Designer  October 2012 – September 2017

Collaborated with product teams to identify high-impact problems and develop solutions in sharing, audience, and public content

  • Worked with product managers and researchers to develop strategy
  • Designed and prototyped user interfaces and interaction flows
  • Presented to senior leadership and iterated based on feedback
  • As part of London landing team in 2014, initiated projects and grew design team
Stories – share your day with friends
Direct – send ephemeral photos and videos
Friends Browser – connect with your closest friends
Riff – create videos together with friends
Text Filters – add emotion and style to text posts
Teens – experiments in visual sharing
Japan – research on identity
India – design for multiple languages
Small Devices – interaction optimizations for various devices
Public Content
Trending – learn about current events through conversations
News Feed Discovery – discover new articles, videos, and sources
Notes – share and read articles and writing
Mentions – interact with your followers as a public figure or celebrity
Pages – learn about brands and businesses


Product Design Intern  Summer 2012

Boosted Posts – connect with your audience
Threaded Comments – reply to comments
Topic Pages – learn about subjects and interests

Oak Studios

Design and Engineering Intern  Spring 2012

New York City Department of Education

Graphic Designer  July 2011 – May 2012


Design and Engineering Intern  Summer 2011


School of Visual Arts

Fine Arts and Humanities Honors Program  August 2011 – May 2012